Julio Ramirez. 22. San Diego, CA. Comp. Sci. student at SDSU. Original art and photography. Beaches, clouds, nature, surrealism, and abstractions
In silent sets, moving through.
Oh look, someone wishes he was me :) *flattered*


This guy is using my pictures and posing as me xD People do that? Haha
Anonymous asked:

I wish I could really get to know you. From our few interactions, you seem like someone I could spend hours talking to about just anything! (But then again that's superficial for me to say, it's all been online) ;)

Well, I do dabble with a bit everything, so I could keep a conversation going haha. Maybe xD 

Anonymous asked:

You probably have a lot of people after you right? How could you not though?! You're a very beautiful boy.

Kinda? IDK haha. Still single so I don’t think that even matters. But thank you :)

Anonymous asked:

It's not a question, and I know you're probably sick of getting these. but you're absolutely GORGEOUS.❤️

Who are you o_o lol. I actually like these comments. So thank you :3